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Re: Removing duplicate occurences from dependency_libs

From: Alexandre Oliva
Subject: Re: Removing duplicate occurences from dependency_libs
Date: 20 May 2001 11:47:16 -0300
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On May 20, 2001, Martin Baulig <address@hidden> wrote:

> If you have a "complicated" dependency setup, this will slow down linking
> in a very extreme way (it is more than 5 times slower for me) because I get
> libraries like -lm or -ldl listed over 30 times in the dependency_libs.

> Is it possible to add an argument to libtool to get back the old behavior,
> for instance -unique-dependency-libs ?

Just make sure no library appears explicitly more than once in the
dependence list of any library or program, and you'll get exactly what
you want.

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