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Re: objc/2902: collect2 doesn't ...: libtool should use collect2?

From: Alexandre Oliva
Subject: Re: objc/2902: collect2 doesn't ...: libtool should use collect2?
Date: 28 May 2001 23:08:16 -0300
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On May 28, 2001, "John David Anglin" <address@hidden> wrote:

>> It's possible that libtool runs the linker directly on HP-UX for the
>> same reason it does on Solaris: because non-PIC static libraries can't
>> be linked into shared ones.  In the old pre-MLB days, this caused a
>> lot of grief to g++, that would link in libstdc++ even when it was not
>> a shared library.  With MLB, this is no longer an issue.  But it's
>> hard to tell whether we can safely make this change.  But I suppose
>> we're going to have to bite the bullet and try it.  Libtoolers,
>> GCCers, does anybody disagree?

> As far as I know, using the linker directly won't help resolve this
> under hpux.  We're talking about `gcc -shared', not `g++ -shared',
> for the shared archive link command when we have gcc.

Yep.  But, before MLB, there was no distinction between gcc and g++,
as far as libtool could tell, and this is where the problem stemmed
from.  libtool didn't know about the implicitly linked in libraries.
When a static libstdc++ was implicitly linked into a shared library,
things broke.  I believe this is the reason why we use ld directly on
a number of platforms that don't support this kind of linkage.  So I'm
convinced the way to go is to go back to using GCC -shared, without
-nostdlib, since we no longer have to worry about libstdc++ in the
C configuration.

> This shouldn't be a problem unless people don't do a full bootstrap.

I was thinking of a unified tree build, in which binutils are also
built using libtool.

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