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RE: cygwin libtool breakage

From: Robert Collins
Subject: RE: cygwin libtool breakage
Date: Mon, 4 Jun 2001 11:22:07 +1000

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Gary V. Vaughan [mailto:address@hidden
> On Saturday 02 June 2001  5:43 pm, Robert Collins wrote:
> > however, back to the failing tests.
> >
> > the first failure, demo-make.test fails because ar is called with no
> > object files.
> There was a bug in for a day where I had mismerged the 
> pic-objects-in-.libs patch, perhaps you are seeing this.  
> Anyway, with a 
> freshly setup.exe'ed cygwin-1.3.2 and a freshly pservered 
> libtool HEAD, I get 
> the following:

I'll update when I get home and see what I can see...
> address@hidden ~/libtool$ export CC=gcc

I haven't done this... can the cygwin environment test ac_require
ac_prog_cc ?

> Are you doing a VPATH build?  I don't see all those `test 
> -f's in my output.

Always :]. It's nearly a religion for me - I find many discrepancies I
otherwise miss, and I save a little time for testing stuff - multiple
build dirs.
> Sorry I can't be of more help =(O|

No probs.. Rob

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