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Re: AC_LIBTOOL_CXX and ltconfig

From: Robert Boehne
Subject: Re: AC_LIBTOOL_CXX and ltconfig
Date: Wed, 06 Jun 2001 10:13:02 -0500

Dave Morrison wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have a `hello world' project written in C using the HEAD revisions of
> autoconf, automake and libtool.  When I run configure, it ends like this
> creating libtool
> checking if libtool supports shared libraries... yes
> configure: creating ./config.status
> config.status: creating Makefile
> and everything is happy.
> I have another `hello world' project, this one written in C++.  I use
> the same revisions of the GNU build tools and when I run configure, it
> ends like this:
> checking dependency style of g++... gcc
> ./ltconfig: ./ltconfig: No such file or directory
> configure: error: libtool tag configuration failed
> I've tracked things down to AC_LIBTOOL_CXX which tries to run ltconfig
> (which no longer exists after the recent merge into libtool.m4).  If I
> comment out the guts of the macro, everything configures, compiles,
> links and runs fine.  Is it fine?  I'm guessing that this is just a nook
> of libtool that just hasn't quite recovered from the demise of ltconfig.
>  Is that a correct assumption?  I see the same use of ltconfig in
> AC_LIBTOOL_GCJ, by the way.
> I'm happy to contribute a patch which comments out the bulk of
> AC_LIBTOOL_CXX, though I seriously doubt that'd be the right way to
> handle this.  Is there a better way at the moment to handle this?
> Dave


If you are using the current CVS HEAD libtool, it is in the
midst of a merge.  Tag configuration has not been ported yet,
so it isn't expected to work.  ;)
My guess is that it works because you're using gcc, which can
recognize that a source file is C++, and compile it that way.
(GCC experts correct me if I'm wrong.)
For now you should use the multi-language-branch, and when the
merge is finished you can use HEAD with C++.


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