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?? libtool 1.4 bug

From: Danny Backx
Subject: ?? libtool 1.4 bug
Date: 08 Jun 2001 11:55:54 +0200

I sent the message below to bug-libtool about a week ago, no reply.
Does anyone have solutions, answers, ... ?


---------------------- Forwarded by Danny Backx/U27113/KB/KredAlm on 
06/08/2001 11:55 AM ---------------------------

address@hidden on 06/02/2001 07:30:00 PM
To:     address@hidden@Internet
cc:     address@hidden@Internet (bcc: Danny 
Subject:        libtool 1.4 bug


The attached file contains excerpts of the LessTif build process.
We think a libtool bug may be the cause of our build problems.

You'll see in the "make install" command that libtool wants to relink In the next command I've added a "-n" flag to that libtool
invocation so we can see which gcc command is given.

The gcc command itself fails because it doesn't get the right
library (../Xm-2.1/ which is not installed yet so this
should become
passed to it.

I've attached as well.

Please help, this currently prevents us from doing our release process
in a decent way. (I've looked inside the libtool sources but it appears
to take a LOT of learning time before I can start to debug this.)

Danny Backx (address@hidden address@hidden)
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