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Re: dll installation logic

From: Guido Draheim
Subject: Re: dll installation logic
Date: Sat, 09 Jun 2001 01:30:45 +0200

"Gary V. Vaughan" wrote:
> Since we are trying to make things work like UNIX here, I think that the dlls
> should probably be installed to $libdir.  The problem that needs solving is
> how to teach the executable to find its dlls.
> Unfortunately this probably comes dow to wrapper scripts, which is ugly too
> =(O|
> Bah!

hmmm, or an autoconf wrapper macro?

> [...]
> > first found .dll is always used.. and installing every dll into either
> > /usr/bin or /usr/local/bin almost makes sense.
> >
> > Thoughts?

you mean, including the half-done ? well, if so....

dnl this macro diverts all subpaths to either /bin/.. or /share/..
case ${host_os} in
  *cygwin* | *mingw* | *uwin* | *djgpp | *emx*)
     AC_MSG_RESULT(changing default paths for win/dos target...yes)
     test "$ac_default_prefix" = "/usr/local" && ac_default_prefix="/programs"
     # on win/dos, .exe .dll and .cfg live in the same directory
     libdir=`echo $libdir |sed -e 's:^..exec_prefix./lib$:${bindir}:'`
     sbindir=`echo $sbindir |sed -e 's:^..exec_prefix./sbin$:${bindir}:'`
     sysconfdir=`echo $sysconfdir |sed -e 's:^..prefix./etc$:${bindir}:'`
     libexecdir=`echo $libexecdir |sed -e 
     # help-files shall be set with --infodir
     # leave datadir as /share
     infodir=`echo $infodir |sed -e 's:^..prefix./info$:${datadir}/help:'`
     mandir=`echo $mandir |sed -e 's:^..prefix./man$:${datadir}/help:'`
     includedir=`echo $includedir |sed -e 
     sharedstatedir=`echo $sharedstatedir |sed -e 
     localstatedir=`echo $localstatedir |sed -e 

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