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Paul Sokolovsky's ld --auto-import

From: Robert Collins
Subject: Paul Sokolovsky's ld --auto-import
Date: Sun, 10 Jun 2001 09:58:41 +1000

Paul's patch to ld to auto-import symbols seems to work well. I'm
currently putting it through all the tortuorus combinations I can think
of, that libtool would allow users to do. I've had no trouble so far,
except a small conflict with the dll base address, that was hard to find
but was easy to fix :].

Now my question for the list:

Does libtool support non-gcc compilers on win32 at the present time?
Are there plans to do so?

reason for asking:
Pauls' LD will allow use to use _no_ decoration in headers and still
link to dlls, and produce dlls that are compatible with existing
programs. This is a good thing.

However MS's linker and probably borlands don't have that functionality.
(I _love_ free software!).


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