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Re: dll cross-compile, .libs/impgen is a win-exe, not a linux-binary

From: Guido Draheim
Subject: Re: dll cross-compile, .libs/impgen is a win-exe, not a linux-binary
Date: Wed, 20 Jun 2001 21:36:06 +0200

"Gary V. Vaughan" wrote:
> On Wednesday 20 June 2001 10:58 am, Guido Draheim wrote:
> >
> > Anyway, libtool.m4 and libtool-content are out of sync in this case,
> > it is clearly buggy, don't you think Gary? ;-)
> The last time I used the impgen code in libtool, it worked fine for me.
> However, I must admit that I didn't test cygwin builds at all for release
> 1.4, and had planned a quick 1.4.1 release if I subsequently found any
> problems.  As you probably know, the MLB merge is taking most of my attention
> at the moment, though I will happily add any patches to the queue if you find
> a solution.

Hmm, I am currently in the last series of debugging rounds, atleast
everything compiles now easily - the problem with the doubled ".libs/.libs" 
was due the fact that I said "-Lwhatever/.libs" to get to the relevant
libraries, but the current libtool adds $objdir blindly. I am not sure
how to fix that as it would require a more global view why it was
assumed to add .libs just the blind way. uuuhhhm....

The other thing is about impgen.c itself - well, I did patch the libtool
so that it will first try a "$DLLTOOL --export-def <file>" in the
generation line for the implib-deffile. Yep, there is no such dlltool-option
but actually I made it to exist - just renamed the original dlltool to
some dlltool-main, and wrote a wrapper-script that will detect the call
as mode="--export-def", and it will then call an installed version of
dlltool-impgen - yes, the compiled one from impgen.c. And so, basically,
impgen gets required to be pre-installed in the development environment ;-)

BTW, my dlltool --version speaks  19990818, so I have to check where
dlltool is maintained, and if the impgen code is supported already, 
and if not, hmm, hey it's time for another patch-round, isn't it 8-)
So to sum it up, I raise my hand to move this kind of code out of
libtool and into dlltool, and that's it. I'll cc you on the progress
in that matter, let's see what there comes of it...

A side note, I am suspicous about that implib-generation was not
upated when the actual library at the other side did change,
has anyone thought about creating a makefile-snippet for some
dll-specials to remake their objects? Or just go again, updating
the implib? I am not sure - probably the current script can not
know if the local implib is generated from a local makefile, so
may be we should add a check that some linked implib is generated
via impgen and should be remade on each link-call that has it
as a -l-reference. But don't ask me how to make a patch for that
one, hmmmmm....

-- guido                            

P.S. :OT here: if you're interested in patches, well, I'd like to 
talk to the guy that invented the mac-os-x support - it doesn't 
have mach'dylib support but does some elf'so magic, and even that 
did not work without the patch that I sent you for reference...

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