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ltdl.c: `ENOMEM' undeclared

From: Patrick Welche
Subject: ltdl.c: `ENOMEM' undeclared
Date: Thu, 2 Aug 2001 14:01:45 +0100
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With libtool source of 2 Aug 2001 12:30GMT, I get `ENOMEM' undeclared when
compiling ltdl.c. ENOMEM is declared in /usr/include/sys/errno.h which is
included in /usr/include/errno.h. libltdl/ltdl.c includes errno.h if
HAVE_ERRNO_H is defined. Now for the odd part: HAVE_ERRNO_H doesn't appear
in my libltdl/config.h at all (not even commented out), yet

AC_CHECK_HEADERS([ctype.h errno.h malloc.h memory.h stdlib.h stdio.h])

appears in libltdl/acinclude.m4. Thoughts?


(NetBSD-1.5X/i386, autoconf 2.52c, automake 1.4i)

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