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Re: ltdl.c: `ENOMEM' undeclared

From: Patrick Welche
Subject: Re: ltdl.c: `ENOMEM' undeclared
Date: Thu, 2 Aug 2001 19:28:43 +0100
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On Thu, Aug 02, 2001 at 05:44:59PM +0100, Patrick Welche wrote:
> Actually it must have something to do with my auto* setup.. I now wonder
> about
> for sub in . libltdl cdemo demo depdemo mdemo ltdldemo pdemo tagdemo; do
>                                               ^^^^^^^^
> in "bootstrap"..

Yes, removing ltdldemo from bootstrap and bootstraping allowed me to
build. Must check

% ./mdemo.static
Welcome to GNU libtool mdemo!
usage: lt-mdemo.static module [module...]
can't dlopen the program!
error was: file not found




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