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libtool and IRIX 6.5 and C++

From: Steve M. Robbins
Subject: libtool and IRIX 6.5 and C++
Date: Mon, 6 Aug 2001 22:50:32 -0400
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I'm having trouble with libtool under IRIX 6.5 while using the vendor
C++ compiler,

I need libtool to pass along "-LANG:std" during both compiling and
linking.  The logic that would do that looks like:

      # The native IRIX linker understands -LANG:*, -LIST:* and -LNO:*
      # so, if we see these flags be careful not to treat them like -L
        case $with_gcc/$host in

Unfortunately, the generated libtool sets with_gcc to the empty
string, and this is never triggered :-/

This is with the CVS libtool, as of this afternoon.


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