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libtool 1.4b and $CC = g++ and cygwin32

From: Kevin B . Hendricks
Subject: libtool 1.4b and $CC = g++ and cygwin32
Date: Wed, 8 Aug 2001 14:41:59 -0400


When building the latest aspell (C++ code) using libtool we found that the 
following snippet of libtool (from libtool.m4) fails when using cygwin32

    extract_expsyms_cmds='test -f $output_objdir/impgen.c || \
      sed -e "/^# \/\* impgen\.c starts here \*\//,/^# \/\* impgen.c ends 
here \*\// { s/^# //;s/^# *$//; p; }" -e d < $''0 > $output_objdir/impgen.c~
      test -f $output_objdir/impgen.exe || (cd $output_objdir && \
      if test "x$HOST_CC" != "x" ; then $HOST_CC -o impgen impgen.c ; \
      else $CC -o impgen impgen.c ; fi)~
      $output_objdir/impgen $dir/$soroot > $output_objdir/$soname-def'

It fails when $CC is defined to be g++ and not gcc

(when you try to compile impgen.c with g++ it barfs with alot of non-ANSI C++ 
error messages).

Thought you might like to know.


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