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Mixing C and C++

From: Eric Lemings
Subject: Mixing C and C++
Date: Tue, 14 Aug 2001 11:39:59 -0600


Suppose you are building a library.  The distribution for this library
has both a C and a C++ API defined in a single set of header files.  The
implementations however are kept in seperate source files.  Most of
these source files have the same base name and differ only by suffix.
For example, some of the header and source files in the distribution
include: gizmo.h, gimzo.c, gizmo.cpp, snark.h, snark.c, snark.cpp, and
so on.

Furthermore, you would like to use Libtool to build and manage the
library.  Is Libtool smart enough to keep the C object files and the C++
object files seperate the way it keeps static and shared object files
seperate?  Or is Libtool designed to support C or C++ libraries but not
both in the same distribution?

Thanks for the feedback.


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