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[ 100049 ] conveniece libraries under darwin?

From: nobody
Subject: [ 100049 ] conveniece libraries under darwin?
Date: Sun, 09 Sep 2001 11:28:37 -0700

Support Request #100049, was updated on 2001-May-30 07:53
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Category: None
Status: Open
Priority: 3
Summary: conveniece libraries under darwin?

By: fingolfin
Date: 2001-Sep-09 20:28

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I can verify this problem happening using latest libtool CVS (just made a fresh 
checkout). I was able to solve it using this fix based on what fjf posted. But 
I must admit I have no real idea why it works =)

---   Sun Sep  9 19:06:13 2001+++   Sun Sep  9 
19:58:44 2001@@ -1876,7 +1876,9 @@   if test "$pass" = conv; then      # Only 
check for convenience libraries-         deplibs="$lib $deplibs"+        if 
test "$libdir"; then+          deplibs="$lib $deplibs"+      fi      if test -z 
"$libdir"; then        if test -z "$old_library"; then           $echo 
"$modename: cannot find name of link library for \$lib'" 1>&2

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