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Re: Darwin & Dynamic modules

From: Max Horn
Subject: Re: Darwin & Dynamic modules
Date: Fri, 21 Sep 2001 21:59:07 +0200

At 19:18 Uhr +0100 21.09.2001, Gary V. Vaughan wrote:
On Sun, Sep 16, 2001 at 04:16:13PM +0200, Christoph Pfisterer wrote:

 My submitted patch:
archive_cmds='$nonopt $(test .$module = .yes && echo -bundle || echo -dynam
 iclib) $allow_undefined_flag -o $lib $libobjs $deplibs$linker_flags
 e $rpath/$soname $verstring'

 After (libtool.m4 revision
     archive_cmds='$nonopt $(test "x$module" = xyes && echo -bundle ||
 echo -dyna
 miclib) $allow_undefined_flag -o $lib $libobjs $deplibs$linker_flags
 me $rpath/$soname $verstring'

 I actually explained in my mail at the time that double quotes don't
 work in archive_cmds with zsh, which forced me to move the $verstring
 handling to I guess that was a case of pre-release

Nope, just plain ornery stupidity.  I had forgotten about the " issues
on darwin, and applied the usual libtool quoting style.  Sorry about
that.  Now fixed in HEAD and branch-1-4... I'll make a 1.4.3 release
when the patch queue is clear again.

Thanx, Gary, I will try it ASAP with some trouble-maker projects (one is gtk+-HEAD btw :)

Max Horn
Software Developer

email: <mailto:address@hidden>
phone: (+49) 6151-494890

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