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Re: sys_lib_search_patch_spec/path_separator (Re: Suggested pathes to CV

From: Tor Lillqvist
Subject: Re: sys_lib_search_patch_spec/path_separator (Re: Suggested pathes to CVC libtool: Mingw improvement, .rc support)
Date: Sat, 22 Sep 2001 23:15:43 +0300 (FLE Daylight Time)

 > > b) why is it just bigcaps drive-letters?
 > Ditto.  Although I guess this comes from the spec file, so maybe more
 > care _is_ needed after all?

It doesn't come from the specs file, remember that the mingw gcc can
be installed freely in any location, and the specs file isn't edited
when installing. I haven't looked at the gcc sources, but I would
assume that gcc looks up the path from which it is being run (can be
done relatively easily with one Win32 API call), and constructs its
search paths from that.

But I agree that it would be safer (in case of some future gcc
behaving slightly differently) to just look for semicolons in the gcc
-print-search-dirs output. The chance of a Unix system having
directory names containing semicolons is practically nil, isn't it?


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