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ar cru piecewise linking of same named objects

From: Kevin Ryde
Subject: ar cru piecewise linking of same named objects
Date: 05 Oct 2001 09:28:43 +1000
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I think I've struck a bit of a problem trying the cvs libtool with
GMP.  GMP has some object files with the same name, like mpz/random.lo
and mpn/random.lo.  On vax-dec-ultrix4.5, libtool decides the command
line limit is 3073, and does the final libgmp library link in two
pieces.  Unfortunately one random.lo happens to be in the first piece
and one in the second.  The library construction uses "ar cru" for
both pieces and the second therefore replaces the first, whereas I
hoped to have both in the library.

Leaving aside the question of whether same-named objects are a good
idea in general, perhaps libtool should be using "ar q" or "ar qs" or
some such for the second and subsequent pieces.

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