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Re: libtool 1.4 not passing linker directives

From: Ian Peters
Subject: Re: libtool 1.4 not passing linker directives
Date: 05 Oct 2001 02:36:41 -0400

On Fri, 2001-10-05 at 02:21, Tim Van Holder wrote:
> On Fri, 2001-10-05 at 07:14, Ian Peters wrote:
> > Unfortunately, with libtool 1.4.x, I get this instead (after a much,
> > much longer time):
> > 
> > gcc -g -O2 -Wall -Wunused -Wmissing-prototypes -Wmissing-declarations -o
> > [snip]
> > installer-ui.o -Wl,-Bstatic -rdynamic -rdynamic -rdynamic -rdynamic
> > -Wl,-Bdynamic  ../libredcarpet/src/libredcarpet.a
> > [snip]
> > 
> > Conspicuously missing are the linker directives to be passed to gcc,
> > namely -Wl,-Bstatic and -Wl,-Bdynamic.  I do this to produce a binary
> > that is linked statically except for libc and the dynamic linker.
> Clearly, they're not missing, but they do seem to have been
> overzealously grouped together at the start, with the change in results.

Whoops, you're right.  I didn't look at all of the command line close
enough, I just assumed they'd been stripped.

> > Is this a bug in libtool 1.4.x, or an undocumented change in behaviour? 
> > If so, is there some other way to accomplish the same goal?
> I'd say a bug, since options libtool doesn't handle itself are moved
> around when they shouldn't be.

Suck, that was what I was afraid of.  Any workarounds?

Ian Peters

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