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[Fwd: AC_PATH_X]

From: Ted Irons
Subject: [Fwd: AC_PATH_X]
Date: Mon, 15 Oct 2001 17:55:34 -0700

I sent  this to the autoconf and automake mailing lists,
but received no reply.    If anyone on this mailing list
has an idea of what I am doing wrong, I would
appreciate hearing about it.

Thanks  in Advance,
- Ted

--- Begin Message --- Subject: AC_PATH_X Date: Mon, 08 Oct 2001 17:39:10 -0700
On a Linux-2.4 machine  using the following
  AC_CHECK_LIB(Xmu, XmuLookupStandardColormap,,, -lXt -lX11)
  AC_CHECK_LIB(X11, XCreateWindow)

I get

checking for X... libraries /usr/X11/lib, headers
checking for XmuLookupStandardColormap in -lXmu... no
checking for XCreateWindow in -lX11... no

Shouldn't I get "... yes" for the last  2 items?

Note:  On some architectures (eg Linux-2.4) AC_PATH_X
is sufficient for picking up -lX11, etc.  On others  (eg
IRIX64-6.5) the AC_CHECK_LIB calls are necessary
to pick up -lX11,  etc.   I find  this behaviour strange;
any ideas as to what is going  on?

Thanks in advance,
- Ted

--- End Message ---

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