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linker doesn't like .lo files

From: tom_honermann
Subject: linker doesn't like .lo files
Date: Wed, 17 Oct 2001 16:56:25 -0700

I'm trying to make libtool work on OS/390 to support shared library
building and have run into an issue where the compiler won't accept ".lo"
files to pass to the linker - it generates an error about an unaccepted
file extension.  I'm wondering if there is already a mechanism in place for
dealing with this.  I saw a note in about "linkers which dislike
.lo" files (aix specifically - though not true anymore apparently) but all
this section of code did was link ".o" files to the ".lo" file - which is
not really the correct behavior in the general sense since this could
interfere with non-pic and pic objects.  It wasn't clear to me how the
linker then got passed the ".o" files instead of the ".lo" ones.  Anyone
have any clues on this?


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