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Re: HOST_CC for windows DLL cross-compile

From: Guido Draheim
Subject: Re: HOST_CC for windows DLL cross-compile
Date: Fri, 19 Oct 2001 12:19:16 +0200

Es schrieb Kevin Ryde:
> I tried using the Debian packaged mingw32 cross-compiler to build a
> windows DLL with cvs libtool but didn't at first realize I had to set
> HOST_CC manually.  Perhaps libtool could probe for a build system
> compiler itself when it needs one (for impgen.c).
> I don't have an actual patch to suggest for this, but there's a chunk
> of code in config.guess which ought to be right and I suppose the
> HOST_CC setting then ought then be emitted into the libtool script.
> Oh, and I guess CC_FOR_BUILD is the new name for this too.

use this patch to adjust your configure script detecting a good
host_cc for quite some platforms, but it is a dirty hack that won't
go into mainstream autoconf. The actual problem results of dlltool
not being able to extract an export-def file from a .dll just so,
so that a an impgen-tool is compiled on the fly. But this is not
actually the Right Thing, dlltool should offer an option about it,
and since dlltool is preinstalled, we do not need to compile a
tool on the fly.

However I do not have the time to hang around on the binutils-ML 
to make a good patch so that we can remove the imgen.c-sourcecode
from libtool, simply because an equivalent code has been integrated 
into a crossgcc's binutil's dlltool (yet to be seen). If there'd
be volunteers to do the necesseray communications with the binutils
guys, we (including me) could help with the references and experiences 
why and when the libtool's impgen.c had been necessary and why its
functionality can not be left out of a dlltool.

cheers, guido 
(note: my home-pc went off monday, and I have quite some mails to 
go through, so I may not reply immediatly in the next days)

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