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Re: PATCH: Fix mips*-*-linux*

From: Nick Hudson
Subject: Re: PATCH: Fix mips*-*-linux*
Date: Fri, 26 Oct 2001 16:40:33 +0100

On Friday 26 October 2001 2:28 pm, scott hutinger wrote:
> This type of thing has caused, and still causes problems on the PPC
> platform (and ARM).  Any mixing (which H.J. Lu fully understands) doesn't
> work.  The problem is that many platforms (x86) do not see any problems
> with the mixture.  This causes this problem to continue, as people don't
> understand that it really is a big problem; because they don't see
> it.  What one can not see, doesn't hurt.

This is exactly the reason that we change NetBSD over to use match_pattern 
dependency check method.


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