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Re: libtool, Apache 2.0, AIX

From: Jeff Trawick
Subject: Re: libtool, Apache 2.0, AIX
Date: 30 Nov 2001 17:54:28 -0500
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Robert Boehne <address@hidden> writes:

> In Jeff's earier post his item #3 states he's got an unusable
> library.  We don't want that, but I don't have enough information
> to determine why this is the case.  Could you post enough for
> me to reproduce it?

I don't think you need to reproduce it.  One test case is apache
2.0 :)  yank the "--disabled-shared" hack for doing subconfigures in
httpd-2.0/ and watch the segfaults (I could give you more
information if you're willing to go to the trouble... really!).

I finally understood what was happening after reading part of the "C
and C++ Application Development on AIX" redbook at, 
where it says that when not using run-time linking a shared object
that references another shared object needs to use an import file.

I can't cut and paste very effectively from the HTML view, but it is
the several paragraphs right before section

When I redo the part of the build performed by libtool to use the
proper import files when linking shared objects that rely on other
shared objects, the segfaults due to unresolved symbols disappear.

So my build goes like:

  do the real build using libtool

  relink libaprutil to specify the import list for libapr

  relink Apache DSOs to specify the import lists for libapr and

I'm also relinking httpd and libapr but I don't think that is
necessary.  Probably the only thing I get out of that is a different
libpath wired into httpd since my link puts libapr and libaprutil in a
different place.
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