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Supports for mingwin? and Cygwin?

From: Toni Moreno Giménez
Subject: Supports for mingwin? and Cygwin?
Date: Sat, 1 Dec 2001 23:43:53 +0100

Hi , I need know the current state of libtool about making libraries witthout 
the cygwin.dll on windows.

the default action for libtool  some months ago was make .so libs , so I have 
been working with an external script :
if test -f $(LIBNAME).def ; then echo Using predefined simbols in$ 
        else dlltool --export-all --output-def $(LIBNAME).predef *.o; cat 
$(LIBNAME).predef | grep -v "^;" | sed 's/ *@ *[0-9]* ; *$$//' > 
$(LIBNAME).def ; rm -f $(LIBNAME).predef; fi
        ../build-dll $(LIBNAME) $(VERSION) $(LIBNAME).def *.o $(LIBS)

My trouble now is I'm using both loadable modules  and shared libs in the 
same location path  ( so *.o will not work).

I will add often new modules ( pluggins) to the lib and each new module added 
I should change the script. it is really annoying. 

well I 'm sure this is a very discussed question, so i only would like know 
the current state, and if supported, how should I change my's


Toni Moreno Giménez
Pje de las rosas  nº 22
Vilassar de Mar 
(Barcelona) España
CP: 08340

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