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prelink problem with libtool 1.4.2 on Irix 6.5

From: Oliver
Subject: prelink problem with libtool 1.4.2 on Irix 6.5
Date: Tue, 04 Dec 2001 18:39:39 -0500

Hello, we were using libtool 1.4a on Irix 6.5, with automake 1.5 and
autoconf 2.52.  We create some shared C++ libraries that require
automatic template instantiation.  Mips CC does this by doing a pre-link
stage before creating the shared library.  This was correctly happening
with libtool 1.4a. Now we have upgraded libtool to 1.4.2, and build
fails: there is no prelink stage, so the libraries are unusable.

To summarise:

with libtool 1.4a, our shared C++ library is correctly built since the
prelink stage takes place
with libtool 1.4.2, the prelink stage does not take place so the
libraries are incomplete

I can't find anyhting in the documentation that suggests that something
has to be changed to our or's for libtool 1.4.2
or that something else has to be done.

Anyone have a clue what might be going on?

Thanks in advance,
Oliver Schoenborn

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