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Force static linking?

From: Max Horn
Subject: Force static linking?
Date: Thu, 6 Dec 2001 17:45:15 +0100

Can I somehow force libtool to use the static version of an (installed) library instead of the shared library? The library in question is built using libtool, (so the .la file is installed along with it).

I need to do this for a game, I want to hardlink SDL ( since otherwise all users have to install SDL, but I'd rather avoid this.

I tried using the -all-static and -static flags as from, but that hadn't any effect (but the projects is still using libtool 1.3.5, it is not yet working with 1.4.2).

My system is Mac OS X; maybe this feature is just not (yet?) implemented there? Or maybe I just am missing the corrcet option. :)


Max Horn
Software Developer

email: <mailto:address@hidden>
phone: (+49) 6151-494890

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