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problem with the length of @mibgroup_list_lo@

From: Nima Malekmanesh
Subject: problem with the length of @mibgroup_list_lo@
Date: Thu, 13 Dec 2001 15:42:58 -0500

  I'm running into a problem during my make configure process.  After my
make configure process is complete, the value of @mibgroup_list_lo@ is left
blank in my Makefiles.  This problem appears as the size of
@mibgroup_list_lo@ increases to a specific size.  I've checked the status of
this variable in configure.status and everything seems to be ok, I can't
figure out where in the configure process this variable is being lost? i've
echoed the value of @mibgroup_list_lo@ at every stage of the configure file
and the contents of it are present.  Anyone have any suggestions on where
the contents of @mibgroup_list_lo@ is being lost?  


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