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bugs in version 1.42

From: stefan
Subject: bugs in version 1.42
Date: Sat, 5 Jan 2002 21:46:07 +0100 (CET)

Dear libtool'ers,

  while using the current version 1.4.2 of libtool I encountered the
following problems:

On a Darwin 1.4 (MacOSX 10.0, bash) --
  I had to --disable-shared for a complete build.
  This is due to the extra convenience libraries on the final link command
  I got it working with the floowing patch, but do not know if it would be
  a general solution:

--- libtool.orig        Tue Dec 11 04:48:44 2001
+++ libtool     Tue Dec 11 04:53:40 2001
@@ -150,7 +150,7 @@
 # Compiler flag to generate shared objects directly from archives.
-whole_archive_flag_spec="-all_load \$convenience"
+whole_archive_flag_spec="-all_load "
 # Compiler flag to generate thread-safe objects.
@@ -181,7 +181,7 @@
 # Commands used to build and install a shared archive.
-archive_cmds="\$nonopt \$(test \\"x\$module\\" = xyes && echo -bundle \
|| echo -dynamiclib) \$allow_undefined_flag -o \$lib \$libobjs \
\$deplibs\$linker_flags -install_name \$rpath/\$soname \$verstring"
+archive_cmds="\$nonopt \$(test \"x\$module\" = xyes && echo -bundle \
|| echo -dynamiclib) \$allow_undefined_flag -o \$lib \$libobjs \
\$deplibs\$linker_flags -install_name \$rpath/\$soname \$verstring"

On x86-pc-mingw32 (Win95, Cygwin bash) --
  The build process is generally ok, but it failed to `make install' on a
  binary using a shared library (DLL) also included in the built package.
  This is due to the creation of a wrapper script for `program' in
  First of all the Makefile dependency is never fulfilled because
  `program' differs from `program.exe', but it seems necessary because
  Win95 could "think" `program.exe' is a real EXE.
  Second Makefile will not install the `program.exe' because it `test -f
  program.exe' before running `libtool --mode=install ...'.
  I really do not know how to fix this behaviour...  Maybe also Automake
  may be involved?

If somebody is willingly to fix these bugs I would really appreciate.
Also I could recheck probable changes if supplied.  If you need more
information please tell me.

Thanks in advance,

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