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Re: HOST_CC, crossgcc, mingw32, again/summarized - Re: confusionwith h

From: Guido Draheim
Subject: Re: HOST_CC, crossgcc, mingw32, again/summarized - Re: confusionwith host,build,target
Date: Mon, 07 Jan 2002 15:33:11 +0100

> and libtool.texi says
>  @defvar old_archive_from_expsyms_cmds
>  If a static library must be created from the export symbol list in order to
>  correctly link with a shared library, @samp{old_archive_from_expsyms_cmds}
>  contains the commands needed to create that static library.  When these
>  commands are executed, the variable @var{soname} contains the name of the
>  shared library in question, and the @var{$objdir/$newlib} contains the
>  path of the static library these commands should build.  After executing
>  these commands, libtool will proceed to link against @var{$objdir/$newlib}
>  instead of @var{soname}.

oops, that was the second part, here's the first part:
@defvar extract_expsyms_cmds
Commands to extract the exported symbols list from a shared library.
These commands are executed if there is no file @var{$objdir/$soname-def},
and should write the names of the exported symbols to that file, for
the use of @samp{old_archive_from_expsyms_cmds}.
@end defvar

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