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Re: Script errors in libtool on Darwin

From: Timothy J. Wood
Subject: Re: Script errors in libtool on Darwin
Date: Tue, 8 Jan 2002 09:57:47 -0800

  Oh please.  Give me a little credit :)

  'head' certainly is installed.

The problem is that head is getting passed a bogus empty argument because $expore_symbols isn't set yet. Thus, the 'head' command embedded in the script below is getting called when it is parsed rather than being considered quoted.

You can tell this is the case by the pair of colons after the 'head' in the error. The filename is supposed to go before the second colon.


On Tuesday, January 8, 2002, at 09:42  AM, Robert Boehne wrote:


The "head" command appears to be missing from your system.
As it apparently is expected to be there by those who ported
Libtool to OS X, you should have it.  It is quoted, byt it
is intended to be executed when $archive_expsym_cmds is executed.



"Timothy J. Wood" wrote:

   I'm trying to build a GCC 3.1 cross compiler (from the head of GCC
CVS) from Mac OS X 10.1.2 to Win32 (MinGW).  When I do so, get get
errors from the libtool script for the objc runtime (which I need).
This occurs whether I enable shared libraries or not (the erroring
section seems to be related to shared library support).

   The offending code starts with:

archive_expsym_cmds="if test \\"x\\`head -1 \$export_symbols\\`\\" =
xEXPORTS; then
         cp \$export_symbols \$output_objdir/\$soname-def;
         echo EXPORTS > \$output_objdir/\$soname-def;

   On Darwin I get:

./libtool --mode=compile
-B/Users/Shared/bungi/Build/MinGW/i386-mingw32msvc/lib/ -isystem
/Users/Shared/bungi/Build/MinGW/i386-mingw32msvc/include -c -I.
-I/Users/Shared/bungi/Source/GNU/gcc/gcc/libobjc   -g  -DIN_GCC
-DIN_TARGET_LIBS -I/Users/Shared/bungi/Source/GNU/gcc/gcc/libobjc/objc
-I../../gcc -I/Users/Shared/bungi/Source/GNU/gcc/gcc/libobjc/../include
head: : No such file or directory
./libtool: command not found: \[$]2 [214]
./libtool: no such file or directory: \ >> $output_objdir/$soname-
def;;\n           *) echo \ [215]
expr: non-numeric argument
... lots more errors ...

   This looks like the 'head' command is being executed by /bin/sh even
though it is being quoted.  So, I installed the latest bash and
modified the libtool script above to use that bash executable. In this case I get a different error (complaining about unexpected end of input)
but I still get errors.

   Is this a known bug?  Any suggestions would be helpful.



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