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Supporting compilers that write to stderr

From: Erik Lindahl
Subject: Supporting compilers that write to stderr
Date: Wed, 23 Jan 2002 18:59:12 -0800


I'm trying to add support for the Intel icc and ifc C and Fortran
compilers under linux,
but both these compilers have the nasty habit of writing the filename
and compile-time
remarks to stderr.

This means that libtool tests for the -static flag, -DPIC/-fpic, etc
fail since they all
interpret anything on stderr as a warning or error.

I wholeheartedly agree that this is a very bad behaviour of the
compiler, but I kind of
think the chance of implementing a workaround is better than convincing
intel to
change their compiler :-)

So, do you guys have any ideas or opinions about this?

One possible way of doing it could be to scan the stderr output for the
we are testing, and only fail the test if there seems to be a report
about a flag.

By scanning for the flag we are testing, or one of the words "option" or
"flag" I'm
pretty sure we should cover everything.

This works fine at least on:

Intel compilers
Portland compilers
IBM compilers
Sun compilers
SGI compilers



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