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Re: Multiple link directories

From: Gary Hughes
Subject: Re: Multiple link directories
Date: Mon, 04 Mar 2002 09:08:41 +1100
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Hi Tom,

Yep, that was exactly what I asked. I tried the automake list however I got no response. Has this never been raised by anyone before? It would seem like a fairly common thing to do, certainly in the environments I've worked in. And given that you can specify multiple -L options to linkers.

I'll give you script approach a go and see what happens, I would certainly prefer a builtin solution. Is there any reasonably simple way of adding this kind of support? I don't know a whole lot about the autotools yet so If I'm suggesting the very difficult let me know! :)



Tom Tromey wrote:

"Albert" == Albert Chin <address@hidden> writes:

program_LIBADD    =    $(libdir)/
Is there a way of telling automake that may be in any of several directories?

Albert> What version of automake are you using? This isn't a libtool
Albert> question but an automake one. I think automake 1.5 will allow
Albert> you to specify separate directories for _LIBADD and handle the
Albert> dependencies correctly. You can reach the automake mailing
Albert> list at <address@hidden>.

I think he's asking: might appear in one of several
directories.  How do I tell automake and/or libtool that?

Gary, the only answer might be that you have to make this decision at
configure time.  Well, or do something unusually ugly like:

   program_LIBADD = `find-the-library-script`

I don't know if that will even work.  (It certainly isn't supported.)


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