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RE: building static on AIX

From: Howard Chu
Subject: RE: building static on AIX
Date: Mon, 18 Mar 2002 06:51:18 -0800

Yet another reason why libtool needs to support runtime selection of static
vs shared, not just at configuration time, as I pointed out long ago.
Forcing someone to regenerate their libtool scripts just to change this one
aspect of a build is ridiculous. But on systems like AIX (and yes, Windows
too) where the same name is used for both shared and static libraries, it's
essential to be able to specifically choose one type of build at runtime.
And there are plenty of other situations where it's desirable not to try to
build both, just for time-saving reasons if nothing else. I vaguely recall,
when my last patch to implement this was rejected, that there was talk of a
multi-tag branch of the libtool tree that provided a similar feature, but
I've yet to see it available in a release.

So, rather than take Sam's suggestion that libtool come back with an error
message when you try to use it in a mode it wasn't configured for, I would
hope that you change things such that you can make libtool run either way
regardless of *the default* mode that you configure into it...

  -- Howard Chu
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> Subject: Re: building static on AIX
> Under AIX, both shared and static libraries are
> named lib*.a, so by default we don't build static
> libraries, i.e. you get one or the other.  When the
> library is shared, the archvie file contains one
> member, the shared library.  This is how shared
> libraries are typically done under AIX, if you're having
> some problem with it, it isn't becuase it "just doesn't work".
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