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problems in a beowulf

From: Bruno Muller Junior
Subject: problems in a beowulf
Date: 19 Mar 2002 14:12:25 -0300


   I'm working in an application that runs over a beowulf
   arquitecture, but I'm having a run-time problem that occur probably
   due to the way libtool configures the execution script.

   Is our beowulf, all computers have the same configuration (PCs with
   redhat 7.2 linux), and only the homedir is visible to all

   I compiled my application using "/bin/sh libtool --mode=link
   ...". This generates two files: ./my_apps and ./.lib/my_apps. 

   my_apps is an application that I want to run on each node (one per
   node), and each instance of it communicates with each other using
   MPI. All the system start when I type "mpirun", that starts one
   instance of the program on each node.

   At this point happens the problem: my_apps uses a shared lib, and
   in the .lib/ directory a lot of files are created
   (i.e. <PID>-lt-my_apps), and the system crashes by:
   1. input/output error
   2. stale NFS file handle

   I think that it happens because all computers in the beowulf tries
   to write its own "executable" in .lib/ directory, and then the
   computer that "owns" the homedir gets too much work to do and
   crashes (?).

   Well, I'd like to know why this happen and what should I do to
   avoid this problem.


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