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solaris: -z defs

From: Murray Cumming
Subject: solaris: -z defs
Date: 29 Mar 2002 13:14:41 +0100

Somebody on the autoconf list suggested that this might be a libtool bug:

While trying to build libsigc++ on Solaris, with the Sun Forte CC
compiler,we found that our autoconf-generated configure file contains
an unsuitable -z linker switch.

This prevents the project from linking, but we can fix it by
commenting-out the "no_undefined_flag=' -z defs'" line in configure.
Here's the relevant section of code from our configure file:

    # gcc --version < 3.0 without binutils cannot create self contained
    # shared libraries reliably, requiring libgcc.a to resolve some of
    # the object symbols generated in some cases.  Libraries that use
    # assert need libgcc.a to resolve __eprintf, for example.  Linking
    # a copy of libgcc.a into every shared library to guarantee
    # such symbols causes other problems:  According to Tim Van Holder
    # <address@hidden>, C++ libraries end up with a separate
    # (to the application) exception stack for one thing.
    no_undefined_flag=' -z defs'
    if test "$GCC" = yes; then
      case `$CC --version 2>/dev/null` in
        cat <<EOF 1>&2

Murray Cumming

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