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CIBRES ERP Textbook Adopted By Oakland University of Rochester, MI.

From: Service
Subject: CIBRES ERP Textbook Adopted By Oakland University of Rochester, MI.
Date: Mon, 1 Apr 2002 02:21:57 -0500

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CIBRES ERP Textbook Adopted By Oakland University of Rochester, MI.

Released March 5th, 2002

Oakland University out of Rochester, MI USA has adopted the CIBRES Organization's publication "ERP: A-Z Implementer's Guide for Success" as the textbook of choice for a newly, developed course entitled "CSE 583 E-Commerce and ERP". 

Approximately a year ago, Dr. Christian Wagner, associate professor of engineering who teaches the course, began developing the "ERP and E-commerce" class and evaluating publications that he could use as a textbook for the class.

Innovative teaching methods combined with CIBRES grants and a future ERP system called ERPLearn designed specifically for training has gained the attention of students and professors around the world.


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