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Re: Multiple "mv" commands?

From: Brian W. Taylor
Subject: Re: Multiple "mv" commands?
Date: Thu, 11 Apr 2002 10:18:45 -0700

Hi All,
        Okay... I discovered my problem. The Forte 6 Sun Compilers
send the dependency info to stdout. So when the code was
compiled for dependencies it would assume that the was
an object to remove.

        To resolve this, I added a flag that in the depcomp file
to pass the "--stdoutdepend" to the libtool. This in turn
sets a flag to test before a mv. This works pretty well but
it still seems to get out of sync every once in a while, I
would be very interested in a better solution and one
that could be added to the libtool dist and/or automake dist.
Or have I missed something completly in the configuration
of libtool and/or automake?

Thanks to Bruce for pointing me in the right direction..


On 2002.04.10 18:43 Bruce Korb wrote:
"Brian W. Taylor" wrote:

> I found that if I make the following change to libtool:
>        # Just move the object if needed, then go on to compile the
> one
>        if test x"$output_obj" != x"$libobj"; then
>          $show "$mv $output_obj $libobj"
>          if test -r $output_obj; then <--- added
>             if $run $mv $output_obj $libobj; then :
>             else
>               error=$?
>               $run $rm $removelist
>               exit $error
>             fi
>          fi
>        fi
>   I can kinda get it to work. But I get this failure mode also
> mv: cannot rename lsidtm.o: No such file or directory
> It seems as through the mv command is being executed more than once
on a
> file. Can anybody tell me what I am doing wrong?

Insert a ``set -x'' and ``set +x'' around all the suspect code
and examine the output.

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