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Re: AW: libtool 1.4.2: Enhancement request

From: Albert Chin
Subject: Re: AW: libtool 1.4.2: Enhancement request
Date: Tue, 16 Apr 2002 00:15:09 -0500
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On Fri, Apr 12, 2002 at 09:48:35AM -0500, Boehne, Robert wrote:
> The problem may be that Libtool doesn't treat options with "+"
> the same way it treats "-".  It doesn't sound like that would be
> terribly difficult to fix though.  But before you go looking in
>, you might want to try the CVS head version of Libtool.
> There have been recent changes to the argument processing, so even
> if it is fixed in the 1.4 branch, it may or may not be a problem
> with future releases.
>   Please try that out, and let us all know what the results were,
> we'll get it fixed in both branches eventually.

We routinely build on HP-UX 10.20 and 11.00 with +DAportable. We've
never had a problem. More than likely, the project doesn't pass
$(CFLAGS) to the libtool link command.

albert chin (address@hidden)

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