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Error in

From: Bill Wendling
Subject: Error in
Date: Wed, 24 Apr 2002 14:20:05 -0500
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Hi all,

There is an error in the libtool package which is still in the 1.4.2
version. The problem occurs around line 4356 of the file:

          if test "$fast_install" = no && test -n "$relink_command"; then
            if test "$finalize" = yes && test -z "$run"; then
              test -n "$TMPDIR" && tmpdir="$TMPDIR"
              tmpdir=`mktemp -d $tmpdir/libtool-XXXXXX 2> /dev/null` 
              if test $? = 0 ; then :

Notice that if the "mktemp" line were to fail, then "tmpdir" would have a
null value in it...causing the "tmpdir" variable in the else part of the
if to be set to "/libtool-$$", which will be unwritable for most everyone
building/installing things with libtool.

I'd offer up a fix, but I haven't signed a waver to submit code to the
libtool software...

It should be an easy fix, though..

|| Bill Wendling                        address@hidden
|| Coding Simian

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