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Some fixes for cygwin -- PING

From: Charles Wilson
Subject: Some fixes for cygwin -- PING
Date: Tue, 14 May 2002 10:08:34 -0400
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Can someone with checkin priveleges please review the patches I posted to this list last week (I tried to send them to libtool-patches five days before THAT but couldn't as I am not subscribed).

I mentioned in the first email (of three) that you also need a fixed automake. However, that is needed merely for better libtool-test results -- the patches I posted for *libtool* are in no way dependent on fixing automake, and the problems corrected by the automake changes are NOT introduced by these libtool patches; there is no need to "wait" before committing the libtool changes. (However, FWIW, the appropriate fixes HAVE been committed to automake CVS)

Chuck Wilson

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