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How use --whole-archive ld arg with libtool ?

From: Alain BARBET
Subject: How use --whole-archive ld arg with libtool ?
Date: Thu, 16 May 2002 20:56:24 +0200
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I use the dream team autoconf/automake/autobuild for a project.
There are several binaries, libraries and modules.

If use defaut options (dynamic libraries), all is good.
But I see with benchmark that I loose some precious time with dynamic libraries. Time is important in this project.

So I want use --disable-shared to build static libraries linked at compiled time into binaries.

But when I run this build, problems begin ...

As I say, I use modules (hear ".so open by dlopen). This modules use symbols defines in libraries, but don't exported in main binaries.

I don't want link libraries into modules because there a lot of, and I want share these symbols.

So I want introduce something like
mybin_LDADD = -export-dynamic --whole-archive my_list_of_libraries --no-whole-archives others_list_of_external_lib

But this didn't work ... :-( I see whole-archive in libtool but not how use it ...

Do anybody know how do this ?

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