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Porting libtool to linux-icc (help)

From: Allan Sandfeld Jensen
Subject: Porting libtool to linux-icc (help)
Date: Sun, 9 Jun 2002 15:24:48 +0200
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I've already submited a patch for subject, but recieved no feedback. After 
searching the archive I found a mail that explains that you need to be 
registered at FSF before you wish to accept any patches. As I am not 
registered at FSF and have no plans to become so, I want to try a different 

I hope some of you will create a patch for Intel C++ Compiler support. I can 
help by describing what needs to be done: 
The compilers are called icc for the C-compiler and icpc for the C++-compiler. 
Both compilers takes the same options as the GNU compilers. The two compilers 
also uses the GNU ld. So you only need to copy the flags given to gcc and 
There is two important differences from gcc though:
1. For the archivecmds remove the option -nostdlibs. 
2. For both compilers you need to set to set "archive_cmds_need_lc" to no.  
(if you link with -lc, the linking either breaks or the applications crashes 
when launched)

I hope I get some feedback this time.

Best regards

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