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Re: autogen doesn't compile on cygwin

From: Bruce Korb
Subject: Re: autogen doesn't compile on cygwin
Date: Mon, 24 Jun 2002 06:57:10 -0700

address@hidden wrote:
> Hi Bruce,
> I tried to compile AutoGen on cygwin and it didn't build.
> If you are interested, this is the make command giving the
> problem and the error message:
> > gcc -Wl,--base-file,.libs/cygsnprintfv-0.dll-base
> > -Wl,-e,address@hidden
> > -o .libs/cygsnprintfv-0.dll  filament.lo format.lo list.lo
> > snprintfv.lo stream.lo
> > /usr/lib/libcygwin.a(libcmain.o)(.text+0x6a):
> > undefined reference to address@hidden'
> I've found some documentation regarding this problem at
> but I don't know enough to fix the problem (yet).
> If you know of a version of AutoGen that does compile on cygwin,
> please let me know. Thanks,
> Tom

Hi Tom,

I don't use CygWin, so I have to rely on others.

This looks again like the "convenience library" stuff being
anything but a convenience.  I know that AutoGen has been
gotten to build and work.  It would certainly be nice to
know why it sometimes won't build.  Gary?  CygWin users of
libtool?  Any suggestions or hints?  Drop back to an older libtool?

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