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Re: libtool still maintained?

From: gary
Subject: Re: libtool still maintained?
Date: Thu, 08 Aug 2002 09:32:45 +0100
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address@hidden wrote:
> I posted a patch the libtool-patches list two months ago which allows
> libltdl to compile under the native WIN32 API without a seperate POSIX
> emulation library.  This patch and other patches I have seen posted to
> the libtool list in the past two months have not been applied.
> Without patches being applied, libtool can not move forward.

Is it really 2 months already?  Ouch.  Sorry about that :-(

Libtool _is_ still maintained, albeit by very busy people.  My contribution is 
particularly fragmented since I cannot access CVS through the company firewall, 
and I am currently ``of no fixed abode'' so my net access out of office hours 
relies on the good will of friends.
> I do see that some F77 updates were added to libtool CVS recently so
> libtool must not be totally dead.

Indeed.  Thanks Rob!

> My paperwork for libtool submittals has been cleared with the FSF so
> there shouldn't be any legal problem with applying it.

Yes, I have the notification in my inbox.  Considering your long term 
contribution of quality patches to libtool, would you like write access to the 
repository?  Send me a savannah account name, and I'll set that up for you 
today if you like... I have the time to keep up with the patches list and 
review anything that is posted as long as someone else can take care of the 
commits.  If you have the ability to publish periodic snapshot tarballs from 
CVS I would be able to resume a more active role in maintainership myself...

I'm keen to release libtool-1.5 from HEAD to prompt wider testing, but I also 
know that with things the way they are, we probably couldn't deal with the 
extra traffic :-(


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