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Re: Support for multiple memory models?

From: Norton Allen
Subject: Re: Support for multiple memory models?
Date: Thu, 15 Aug 2002 15:33:16 -0400 (edt)


  Thanks for your input. I've spent the last couple days
  trying to sort out libtool/automake/autoconf. I'm afraid
  use of --release and/or --version-info for encoding
  memory models would be an abuse of those facilities, and
  would at the very least break what they were intended for.

  It could be that the mode=install mechanism is fundamentally
  incompatible with having multiple compiled versions of a
  library that all are currently valid with the current
  release and version-info. The .la file, for example,
  contains a single assignment for the 'old_library'.

  Ultimately, I think the approach I'll need to take is
  to modify the name of the library itself. e.g. in, write:

    address@hidden@_la_SOURCES = ...

  then add AC_SUBST(MODEL) to The MODEL-specific
  library can then be configured and built via:

   MODEL=3r ./configure


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