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Re: PA64 and libtool

From: Kevin Ryde
Subject: Re: PA64 and libtool
Date: Fri, 16 Aug 2002 10:07:54 +1000
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"John David Anglin" <address@hidden> writes:
> I agree.  We should have a consistent way of determinining when to
> configure for the 64-bit environment.  At the moment, gcc and binutils
> use hppa*64*.  They do not do a LP64 check when hppa2.0w is defined.
> Libtool and other packages that need to do something special for the
> 64-bit environment should work the same way.

For what it's worth, in GMP we've adopted a scheme of allowing the
user to say ABI=64 (or whatever), or by default choosing the `best'
from among the ABIs that the compiler and host system support.

This is a departure from the existing config tuple, but nicely
separates ISA from ABI.  We did it primarily so the cpu field could be
an exact cpu type like for instance "ultrasparc3", rather than sort of
a combination of cpu and abi like "sparc64".

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