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How to debug dll build with libtool?

From: wang jincheng
Subject: How to debug dll build with libtool?
Date: Wed, 11 Sep 2002 17:51:00 +0800

Hi folks,
I am a newbie, thanks for any help.
I write a simple "hello word" program. The "main" function in "main.c" call a "hello" funtion in "hello.c" , and the "hello" funtion in "hello.c" call a "hellom" function in "hellom.c".
I write the as:
libhello_la_SOURCES     = common/hello.c
libhello_la_LDFLAGS     = -no-undefined -avoid-version
libhellom_la_SOURCES     = common/hellom.c
libhellom_la_LDFLAGS     = -no-undefined -avoid-version
include_HEADERS         = include/hello.h  include/hellom.h
INCLUDES = -I$(srcdir)/include
bin_PROGRAMS            = hello
hello_SOURCES           = src/main.c
hello_LDADD             =    
After building, I get files:hello.exe cyghello.dll cyghellom.dll. The hello.exe run right.
When I debug hello.exe with GDB, I can set line break in "main.c" and "hello.c",but I can not set line break in "hellom.c". Why ?
With a windows debug tools of DASM32, I can debug the hello.exe, and trace into cyghellom.dll ( no source information, only asm instructions).
Wang Jincheng

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