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Problem using libtool with multiple library directories

From: Hillel (Sabba) Markowitz
Subject: Problem using libtool with multiple library directories
Date: Thu, 12 Sep 2002 14:26:20 -0400

When I build certain application libraries in a system that has libraries in 
multiple directories (such as dec which uses -rpath DirA:DirB), libtool blows 
up.  I get messages that it is trying to get a library DirA:DirB:libraryname.

What can I do about this.  Most configure scripts build libtool within the 
individual build and do not refer to the libtool that had been downloaded and 
built separately.

Please e-mail me directly as I do not have access to your e-mail group.

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Hillel (Sabba) Markowitz - address@hidden

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