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Re: autogen 5.4.2 on OS X

From: Bruce Korb
Subject: Re: autogen 5.4.2 on OS X
Date: Fri, 13 Sep 2002 06:54:29 -0700

David Bacher wrote:
> Hi Bruce,
> Here's another update from the OS X front. I had to make a very minor
> patch to pkg/libopts/

Thanks, David!

> --- autogen-5.4.2/pkg/libopts/       Fri Aug 23 20:14:49 2002
> +++ autogen-5.4.2-patched/pkg/libopts/       Fri Aug 30
> 23:06:43 2002
> @@ -48,7 +48,7 @@
>   cd ../pkg/${tag}
>   files=`ls -1 *.[ch] | \
> -       ${top_builddir}/columns/columns -I4 --spread=1 --line='  \\' `
> +       ${top_builddir}/columns/columns -I4 --spread=1 --line-separation=\\ `
>   ag="${top_builddir}/agen5/autogen -L ${top_srcdir}/config --writable"
>   ( echo "autogen definitions conftest.tpl;"
> This patch avoids the following error

That works?  My guess on the evaluation is that when collecting the
backquoted string it will collapse the "\\" into "\".  Then, when
the child process evaluates the string, it will yield "--line-separation= "
You might want to check the contents of
AutoGen itself does not use that tarball, but should someone try
to incorporate it into their own projects, it should work.
OTOH, that makefile fragment fails to redistribute some of itself
in a client package under certain circumstances anyway....
Building a tear-off, redistributable autoconfiscated library turns
out to be tricky.  (Surprised? ;)

> As far as I can tell, the columns command, which is actually the
> libtool wrapper script, does not handle the quoting for the --line
> arg value correctly .. and so columns thinks it is getting extra
> command line arguments.

That is probably a shell bug that the other libtool folks may
or may not know about.  I've copied them as a probe to see if
it is something worth chasing.  Then again, OS/X at the bleeding
edge is using bash now and we know that works.


> I also had to apply a minor patch to the autogen.texi file .. the
> empty reference was causing the documentation creation to fail during
> the install.

Odd my builds didn't choke.  I'll have that fixed for next time.

I'm going through cycles of building ag, then building my example
package (blocksort), distributing blocksort and installing it on
strange systems with few development tools.  Hopefully I'll have
the redistribution kinks worked out in another week or so.

> --- autogen-5.4.2/doc/autogen.texi      Fri Aug 23 20:35:53 2002
> +++ autogen-5.4.2-patched/doc/autogen.texi      Sat Aug 31 00:17:37 2002
> @@ -6849,7 +6849,7 @@
>   be on the stack or deallocated in any other way for as long as the value
>   might get referenced.
> -If you have supplied at least one @file{homerc} file (@pxref{}),
> +If you have supplied at least one @file{homerc} file (@pxref{saving
> rc files}),
>   this macro will be emitted for the @code{--save-opts} option.

> I'll be submitting the
> 5.4.2 package to the fink submission tracker once I get a chance to
> test it.

Unless submitting takes very little bother, may as well wait another
week or so.

> BTW, this is all on 10.1.5. I haven't gotten 10.2 yet .. since the sh
> shell is changing to bash, the first patch might not be needed.

I'm about to wipe my Mac and install 10.2.  This time, I know about
Fink, so I'll have to load that up, too!  Thanks - Bruce

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