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Linux/Win32 cross and DLLs

From: David Olofson
Subject: Linux/Win32 cross and DLLs
Date: Mon, 16 Sep 2002 12:31:10 +0200


I'm working on a library/DLL version of an audio engine that was formerly 
part of a game. I'd like to support both static and dynamic linking where 
possible. No problem with Linux native builds.

However, when it comes to cross compiling for Win32, I'm running into 
trouble as soon as I try to link with another library/DLL. System 
libraries and stuff are fine, but libSDL just won't work.

IIRC, if I use the -no-undefined option, I simply get only a static lib 
(no DLL), while without it, libtool wants to run impgen.c on SDL.DLL, but 
fails to compile impgen.c as a result of passing some System V specific 
switch to 'as'. (At last, it *does* at least use the native compiler 
instead of the Win32 cross gcc, without any libtool patching or other 
tricks... Dunno' what I was doing before.)

Meanwhile, other libraries that depend on SDL don't even try to run 
impgen - they just build proper DLLs anyway. I've looked at everything I 
could think of, including upgrading other projects to the 
automake/autoconf/libtool I'm using and vice versa, but still; my lib 
won't build a DLL and others will.

I've read all docs and posts I could find on the matter, and I've spent 
countless hours trying to sort out what's actually going on, but so far, 
no luck. Any ideas...?

I'm using autoconf 2.52, automake 1.5 and, hmm... libtool 1.3.5.

Could the older libtool be it?

Still doesn't explain why other libs build properly with the same setup, 
even after replacing *all* scripts with my versions. It *has* to be 
something with my code or scripts, I think...

Hints? Specific documentation on Linux->Win32 cross compiling?

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